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[紅髮] Bryce Dallas Howard:克利斯汀貝爾是個威爾斯紳士。

Bryce Dallas Howard


"Terminator: Salvation," Kate Connor, & Christian Bale

In the blasted post-apocalyptic future of Terminator Salvation, the ethereal beauty of Bryce Dallas Howard emerges through seared earth and homicidal machines that stalk the land, as a beacon of hope that Christian Bale’s John Connor returns home to after battling for our future. As Kate Connor, she is the film’s emotional rock, and Howard plays her with humanity in a world being quickly depleted of it. Perhaps best known for her roles in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village and Lady in the Water, Howard also starred in Manderlay, the second part in subversive filmmaker Lars Von Trier’s "America" trilogy. Here, the actress reflects on her Terminator fever, the Christian Bale scandal, and why McG, the film’s director, threw cookies at her.


Terminator Salvation takes place almost two decades after the last installment, but you’re taking over as Kate Connor for Claire Danes, who is in fact, two years older than you. Did this ever occur to you?


Well, yeah. Of course, I excused it a bit, because I took over for Nicole Kidman in Manderlay, so I’ve gotten used to having to look older. I was glad to be cast, so I wasn’t about to question it.


Your character doesn’t have as many action sequences as Claire Danes’ character, or Linda Hamilton’s, or even Moon Bloodgood’s. Do you see Kate’s role evolving into a more physical one as the franchise progresses?


That’s really dependent on if there are additional films. That’s totally up to them. I found it to be quite natural, the way in which my character serviced the story, because she was eight-months pregnant, so it would’ve been kind of irresponsible if I had been running around with machine guns. It was funny though, because I had given birth to my son right before I shot this movie, and so I was like, "Well, I’m going to look really pregnant." And then, naturally you start losing weight after you have a baby, so McG was throwing cookies at me.


Why did they make your character pregnant?


I don’t know. When I signed on to this movie, it was just a few days before shooting and she was pregnant in the script. I feel like, from a metaphorical standpoint, it represented the idea that there literally was a future worth fighting for.


Where do you see this film in a relation to the other three Terminator films? Do you see it as Terminator 4, or as a reboot that stands on its own?


I think it’s being considered as a reinvention of the old movies, which makes sense. It takes place post-Judgment Day, and it’s not too far of a stretch to look at it in that light. Obviously, Terminator 2 was the one that really set the bar, and I feel like this is really a different kind of film. The first Terminator was a horror film, the second was a thriller, and the third was kind of an adventure story. This one—I think Sam Worthington said this and I’m totally stealing it from him—is a war story. So each Terminator has taken on its own distinctive way of approaching the material.


How did you react to the controversy surrounding Christian Bale that erupted a few months ago?


It was really a shame, because this is a man who I respect and adore, and had a really lovely experience working with. For me, what happens on a set should really remain private, so that was really sad. That aside, I feel like he handled it in the way he of course would: as a gentleman. He apologized profusely, and made no excuses, so I do not feel like it’s going to have an impact on the reception of the film.

AP 那真是丟臉,因為貝爾是我尊敬且鍾愛的男人,並與之擁有美好工作經驗。對我來說,現場發生的事不應該公諸於世,令人難過。除此之外,我認為他為所應為:當個紳士。他不斷道歉,不找藉口,所以我不覺得那會影響電影受歡迎程度。

I think the way he handled it was, like you said, perfect.


He is a very gracious human being. He viewed this as an opportunity to say something that actually needed to be said, in general. He demonstrated that graciousness and humility within his apology.


What about the way he gets into character? Is it true that he loses his British accent if his character doesn’t have one, even after the cameras stop rolling?


A little bit, yeah. I wouldn’t necessarily call him a Method actor or anything like that, because sometimes when people are a little method-y it gets distracting, and you’re like, wait a second, Let’s just be human beings again! But he is very collaborative as Christian Bale. He is not John Connor all the time, but I did actually notice after the film that he lost his accent when he started speaking, and I was like, Oh wait, you’re from Wales!


Did Jim Cameron ever visit the set?


No, he didn’t. I don’t think he intentionally stayed away. I mean, he was doing his film, and there were many weekends when Sam had to go and shoot Avatar.


What is it about this franchise that appeals to people so much?


What’s most compelling about this franchise is that it’s the expression of our fears, of what could happen if we become so reliant on technology that it overtakes us. Secondly, I think we all want to see heroes emerge amidst a great obstacle and move towards some kind of triumph in the end. I think the balance between seeing our fears realized and seeing our hopes realized is what attracts viewers.


As the release date approaches, are you excited or nervous?


Really excited. I mean, this is just really fun. It’s a great group of people and a really enjoyable experience. Plus, I’m really proud of this film and am so stoked to be in it.


Is it true that you replaced Charlotte Gainsbourg?


I don’t actually know. I’m the kind of person who, being a fan of the film, went on Dark Horizons to find out what was going on. So I read when Christian Bale had gotten cast. I was like, Oh, that’s really ingenious, so I did know that she was involved, but as far as I know, there were some major scheduling difficulties because she’s doing several films right now. I also know that because of the pending actors strike and because of the writers strike, things got rushed. I don’t know to what extent she was involved in the process though.

poster_antichrist 我不太確定。我是那種,魔鬼終結者影迷,會上黑暗地平線更新資訊的人。當我知道克利斯汀貝爾要演約翰康納時,心想「這真是太明智了」。所以認識夏綠蒂曾被牽涉其中,但就我所知,因為她片約很多,檔期無法配合。我也知道因為懸而未決的的演員罷工和編劇罷工,事情得加快腳步。我不知道她整個過程涉入到什麼程度就是了。

Are you doing the third part of Lars Von Trier’s America trilogy?


I don’t know. I’ve stayed in touch with him but he hasn’t talked about it. He’s got a lot of stuff going on.


What’s your favorite restaurant in New York?


My favorite restaurant is called Park Avenue. Michael Stillman founded it, and it’s just exquisite. They change the décor every season so they completely change the entire restaurant every season to accommodate. In winter everything is white, for example. And the food is amazing. It’s high-end, really creative French. The menu is really imaginative, like they have white Cheetohs. Oh my gosh, it is so delicious.



Retro BlackBook: Bryce Dallas Howard, 2005

1. Bryce 戲份太少是敗筆。

2. 凡夫俗子 (Common) 戲份太少是敗筆。

3. 愛德華福隆是永遠的約翰康納。Edward Furlong Soul!!!


1. Apollo 13 (1995)

2. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

3. Bryce Dallas Howard (1981)

正解:3. Bryce Dallas Howard (1981) [講太多次就不好笑了]

Untitled French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg poses after winning the Best Actress award for her part in "Antichrist" by Danish director Lars Von Trier during the Closing Ceremony of the 62nd Cannes Film Festival on May 24, 2009 in Cannes, southern France.



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    等等前兩個選項都有 Ed Harris.

    在我聽來 what you fucking understand 的確不是英國腔。

    我總覺得 Sam Worthington 不新了,雖然前兩個月才第一次真正看他電影,
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  2. 我還沒看呢,說真的不急。還是怕被雷,但是沒有很急著想快點看到。
    Public Enemies 可能就會急著想看。


    版主回覆:(05/29/2009 01:59:41 PM)

    這個頭上有箭頭的和尚小鬼也叫 Avatar,給奈夏馬蘭拍去了,貧民百萬富賈默飾演,完全不想看,印度導演全勤獎可能要破功了。
    (其實全民公敵重點是可愛 Giovanni Ribisi!!!)

  3. 銃夢非常好看,Avatar瞄過一下,感覺還好

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    Avatar 我一開始以為是三眼童子

  4. 您好,看到您上面的回應提到「印度導演全勤獎可能要破功了」,
    其實想一想,因為「M. Night Shyamalan」的關係,喜歡上的演員有多少?
    我的話,「Bryce Dallas Howard」是其中之一…

    喜歡而且常來看您寫的文章,不過第一次留言~ 請多指教。

    另外,紅髮的演員我想提一位最近喜歡上的演員「Isla Fisher」,呵~

    版主回覆:(05/29/2009 05:55:22 PM)

    Avatar 是印度文「轉世」的概念,可能也和奈夏馬蘭有淵源吧!

    除了重新挖掘布魯斯威利的戲劇深度,【零異象限】女兒 Abigail Breslin 混得不錯,兒子小小小鬼當家 Rory Culkin 在【你辦事我放心】也好可愛,長大就「麥考利克金化」了。

    Abigail 哥哥【布魯斯威利小時候】Spencer Breslin 在【破天荒】驚鴻一瞥,十七歲小胖目前有待觀察。

    我一直覺得 Isla Fisher 是窮人版本的 Amy Adams,前陣子看【黑色姐妹幫】(New Best Friend, 2002) 才發現 Mia Kirshner 好像後者呀!

  5. 我也很喜歡凡夫俗子/卡門[雖然專輯變難聽了,但仍然是個帥氣的傢伙]
    但是本人認為他不會演戲= =
    這就和Kanye West以為自己會唱歌一樣
    Mos Def比較厲害,科科


    紅髮女星:<實習醫生>強大前妻Kate Walsh!


    版主回覆:(05/30/2009 05:02:31 AM)

    Common 新歌真的很難聽,他好像都是拿槍為主。【美國黑幫】也出現 Common 有注意到嗎?Mos Def 戲路就很廣,飾演被貓王偷走搖滾樂的查克貝瑞之【藍調傳奇】已經上架哩!討厭 Beyoncé。丹妮芙感覺是笑點。翻譯乃我的強項!(認真)

  6. 您好!老實說看過了「Slumdog Millionaire (2008)」後的我,看到
    「Dev Patel」飾演「M. Night Shyamalan」的新作品後更加的有興趣了。
    另外,看到您提到了「Abigail Breslin」後,不得不提她在
    「Definitely, Maybe (2008)」裡討人喜愛的模樣(尤其“企鵝”那段更是。)
    再來就是回想起「Little Miss Sunshine (2006)」裡 Abigail 的那付痴
    至於她的哥哥「Spencer Breslin」好像以前就不瘦了(笑)

    最後,說不上來為什麼對「Amy Adams」沒什麼感覺,反倒是窮人版本的
    「Isla Fisher」讓我有感覺,我也不知道為什麼~

    版主回覆:(05/30/2009 03:21:31 PM)

    艾拉費雪的【監守自盜】(The Lookout, 2007) 由兩大帥哥主演,獨立精神獎最佳處女電影,希望看完可以對窮人版本有些好感。

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