2009年3月3日 星期二

Devolve (續:往來 單字大集合)




–verb (used with object)

1. to transfer or delegate (a duty, responsibility, etc.) to or upon another; pass on.

2. Obsolete. to cause to roll downward.

–verb (used without object)

3. to be transferred or passed on from one to another: The responsibility devolved [on] me.

4. Archaic. to roll or flow downward.


Which brings me back to the notion of Boll making a movie that isn’t trash. Because Stoic looks trashy as hell, if only in a more 'artistic' fashion than his game movies. The story follows three prisoners who played poker, with the loser being forced to eat his own vomit in a sort of hazing ritual that devolves [into] rape and murder/suicide. Supposedly the origin is in a true story which, you know, makes it all more legit.






I love living in vicariously [through] the pain and suffering of others.

His vicarious path to God, real or imagined, leads to an obsession with Eliza's success and he begins teaching her secrets of the Kabbalah.


transfer or delegate (a duty, responsibility) to or upon another, pass on

The responsibility devolved [on] me. 

in a sort of hazing ritual that devolves [into] rape and murder/suicide.

and darkly hilarious as they devolve [into] animalistic barbarism.

And unlike most teen actors who [devolve] into twisted shells of their former selves, the [bookish] star has gracefully matured, despite a journey neither straight nor narrow. 

The party gradually devolves [into] a farcical mess, culminating in a fire that burns down an old man's house. 



The bank officers absolved him from having to make further [restitution].


Rebate offer subject to change.

He rebated [five] dollars to me.

The manufacturer is rebating this air [conditioner].  


a gift for service, a tip


a payment in recognition of acts or professional services for which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set

Gov. Dalton, this is Jared Svenning, the gentleman to whom you are presenting the honorarium.



without charge or reason

It was a gratuitous [insult], quite undeserved.

Yes, it is explicit, and no, it is [not] gratuitous. 

Graphic but never [gratuitous] in its violence, "Eastern Promises" opens on a rainy December eve with

The director's refusal to become sexually [gratuitous] or [explicit] is exactly the point,

Lady Macbeth's gratuitously [nude] sleepwalking aside, 

and other devices lend each sequence an unpredictable vitality that never seems [gratuitous] or showy.

but Melamed and Hay made an [un]fortunate decision to use the hand-held style that specializes in [gratuitous] camera movement, just to remind us it's all happening right now. 

Cross-cutting between the Jackal's preparations and Inspector Lebel's efforts to find the [phantom] killer before the crime occurs, Day of the Jackal gains power by focusing on the two opposite jobs at hand rather than [indulging] in either psychology or gratuitous violence.




1. make [repayment] or [return] for. 

2. make [retaliation], avenge  

That sibling break is exacer[b]ated by Accio's [un]requited [lust] for one of Manrico's disposable [girlfriends]. 


to return like for like, esp. evil for evil

a prolonged [retaliatory] assault in which Maya transforms her pain into sadistic pleasure and sinks to Jared's level. 

This last point is illustrated in Maya’s [retaliation] against Jared.

In retaliation, Alva marries Hazel's [loutish] lover J.J..

In retaliation, the Shanghaiese mob arranges for the third son to be imprisoned on [trumped] up charges of collaboration with the Japanese.


without personal motives

a [just] retribution for [wickedness]. 

When the deed is done, Von Sydow, a deeply religious man, begins to question the [efficacy] of a [God] that would allow his daughter's death, then permit so bloody a [retribution].

His motives never explained, Hsiao-Kang ultimately [visits] retribution on one of the thieves, [engineering] a comeuppance that is at once satisfying and [poignant]. The movie [bears] all the hallmarks of a Tsai movie: [dilapidated] interiors, a minimum of dialogue, and the symbolic [omni]presence of water. Perhaps more [maudlin] and less [rigorous] than Tsai's other movies, Rebels of the Neon God nonetheless [offers] a compelling introduction to his distinctive world view. 

While wandering around with his rag-tag band of mates, one boy gets [in]advertently killed. Fearing [parental] retribution, the gang hides the body.


retaliation in warfare on enemy for its unlawful actions

to make a raid in reprisal for one by the [enemy].


wrathful, vindictive revenge

[implacable] vengeance. 


an amenable [servant] 

He is eventempered and amenable [to] correction.

she is as [sculpted] as an idol, and every bit as amenable [to] worship.


confront boldly

approach, especially with a greeting, question, or remark

(of prostitutes, procurers, etc.) to solicit for sexual purposes.

Glad to meet you. I'm sorry to accost you like this, but your receptionist wasn't too helpful.

You picked a dangerous mall to host a game show in. I hear the Easter Bunny was accosted this morning.

Wake me... with a kiss. Are you accosting me?


path or course taken by American Indians on a warlike expedition

It isn't long before Regina and her pals are on the warpath, and Cady must face a level of vengeful behavior for which years in the jungle never prepared her.


Biology. living together of two dissimilar organisms, as in mutualism, commensalism, amensalism, or parasitism

Teresa Wright plays Charlie, a small-town high-schooler who enjoys a symbiotic relationship with her favorite uncle, also named Charlie. 


Government's going to have a hard time trying to inspect 'em. Those big horns'll never go through a chute. 瀉槽,導槽,滑運道


Mary, get that siphon bottle there! Quickly! The soda? Yes! Hurry! Hurry! 虹吸管