2009年3月2日 星期一

Mausoleum (續:殯葬業者 單字大集合)



[maw-suh-lee-uhm, -zuh-]


1.a stately and magnificent tomb.
2.a burial place for the bodies or remains of many individuals, often of a single family, usually in the form of a small building.
3.a large, gloomy, depressing building, room, or the like.
4.(initial capital letter) the tomb erected at Halicarnassus in Asia Minor in 350? b.c.

1 The photography is worthy of special mention, and John Dankworth has provided a musical score that hits precisely the right note of melancholy for this decline in an old Georgian house in Chelsea, which could be the mausoleum of a class.


coronerThat's why I started digging. The coroner's report shows that he was riddled with cancer. High on morphine most of the time. Injected himself two or three times a day. 驗屍官
Were the women sexually molested? The coroner says not.
And that I'm a necrophiliac who injected Sunny with insulin so that I could have my way with her.
Remember this kid you sent to interview Cleveland Amory on vivisection?

Might be fine for a cadaver. It won't work with a [living] patient.
Earlier today, in an exhaustive search, Cadaver dogs uncovered a body. Unfortunately for hopeful investigators, it was just the remains of a dead dog.
cadaverousBale, who dropped an alleged 63 pounds off of his pumped-up "American Psycho" [torso] to [emerge] in such a state of rib-[bulging] cadaverousness that
Few films have explored bitterness and filth with more [acidic] wit, and few actors have given more [exuberantly] poisonous performances than Richard E. Grant as the [raging], [cadaverous] Withnail.
Cadaverous and malnourished, Mortensen is survival [personified] as he soldiers [on] in search of hope and tries to comfort his terrified son.

post-mortemNow this postmortem, were you also asked to determine, if the deceased had reached a sexual climax shortly before his death?
These post-mortems are so pointless.
I think the mortician's doubling us.【美】殯葬業者
the act or ceremony of interring, burial
The funeral service was held in the village church at Chalfont, prior to interment in the family vault.
exhumeJust use the first one that came to my mind. Say, arsenic. Arsenic. I remember in Gloucester, where we exhumed the body four years after, there was still enough poison, even in the fingernails and the hair.
arsenicI'd hate to take a bite out of you. You're a cookie full of arsenic.【化】砷,砒霜
A late New York City noir skillfully helmed by a director renowned for his British comedies, Sweet Smell of Success is a tasty cinematic cookie full of arsenic.
They shrouded their past [lives] in an effort to forget.
the lobby furniture is already [shrouded].
His objectives shrouded in [secrecy], the untrusting lone wolf (Isaach de Bankolé) sets out on his latest [assignment] knowing that the law is never too far behind.
Even here, the [greenish] pall that [envelopes] the scene suggests a degree of stylization,
bierLindhorst powders him ceremoniously, and then introduces him into a vault where Veronica lies [corpse]-like on a [bier].
Hurt, playing a cocky but lazy lawyer named Ned Racine, is strolling on a pier where an exhausted band is listlessly playing.
Fred thought we should wait with the sailor's friends for the midnight plane that was going to take the casket home.
Yes, death tends to give war a depressing image. We can issue a blackout on any coverage of soldiers in caskets.
He wants to kill you, right? Do you prefer a bronze casket?
What's this? A sarcophagus? Um, that's the Scona Sangar 770 series 3000 coil count. Best bed on the market. Swedish. 大理石棺
I know. But people dying in the clinic... the hearse in front of the door, I don't like that. 靈車

Bodies belong in the mortuary, not in my bath.
which could be the [mausoleum] of a class. 陵墓
The duke says he will carry that [ghastly] schlup with him to his mausoleum.
If King Tut was a CEO today, he wouId have never puIIed off the pyramids, they'd have called him negIigent for not wanting a normaI mausoleum, those were buiIt by hand back then.
Her husband is in Kremlin-Bicetre, in the Mercier Mausoleum. lmagine a wedding in a mausoleum.
It is like a vast [necropolis], its stones damp and [crumbling], its canals alive with rats. 史前時期的墳場

Witnesses of a will's signing are often available, when the will is entered into probate. It's not standard by any means.【美】遺囑認證法院管轄範圍內的一切事項
probationthe act of testing
the testing or trial of a person's conduct, character, qualifications, or the like
Frankly, George, you're on probation. Take my advice and behave yourself. Remember... your worst enemy is your own big mouth.【律】緩刑
The agreement was that Polanski would plead guilty to the one count, that he would be sentenced based upon a probation report and the argument of counsel.
I, Ralph Douglas|Christopher Alexander Gurney of Gurney House in the county of Bedfordshire, hereby revoke all former wills and codicils and declare this to be my last will. 遺囑的附錄,附加條款