2009年3月2日 星期一

Inveigh *** & Inveigle (續:貓科 魚類 海底動物 昆蟲 單字大集合)




–verb (used without object) 

to protest strongly 


attack vehemently with words; rail (usually fol. by against): to inveigh against isolationism. 


harangue, revile.


inveigh, inveigle (vv.) 


Inveigh (pronounced in-VAI) means "to complain or protest strongly," "to speak or write against," as in She inveighed [loudly] against his decision to stay home. 

Inveigle (pronounced either in-VAI-gul or in-VEE-gul) means "to lure or trick someone into doing something," as in He inveigled her [into] attending the meeting, even though she’d sworn she wouldn’t go.


Humorously and fondly, with an entertaining supply of what he has called ''prosaic license,'' Mr. Stillman again displays a pitch-perfect ear for both the cattiness and the camaraderie that bind his characters into collective friendship.



1. catlike; feline.

2. slyly malicious; spiteful: a catty gossip.  

(The film inveighs against the ''ferocious pairing off'' that is sure to tear the group apart.) 

Weaving together the disco backdrop (clearly a labor of love) with more sharp-edged material about college graduates finding their first footing in New York and learning to cook with Campbell's mushroom soup, he creates a bright panorama of shrewd young strivers. 








Lara not only [outacts] veterans Roth and Bruno Ganz, but carries the old-school Hollywood [feline] magnetism of actresses such as Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.


Mr. Stillman again displays a pitch-perfect ear for both the [cattiness] and the camaraderie that bind his characters into collective friendship.



Mol purring at the camera, or romping in the woods with a pair of [cheetahs]. 印度豹

Bunny Yeager recalls that her most popular photos featured Bettie with two [cheetahs], and we see both women posing with the animals, Bettie wearing a [cheetah] bikini. 


I was clawed. By what? A lynx. A lynx? It's like a bobcat. 山貓


My landlady's got a positive mania for animals. She's got two cats... one Manx, one ordinary... three rabbits in a hutch in the kitchen... they belong to her little boy by rights... and one of those dark-looking dogs with hair over its eyes.



that’s what’s called being a [shill]. And it’s a tragic thing that that became the example of what a film critic does for too many people.


Carlos Gallardo, who also co-wrote and co-produced, makes for an affable Mariachi, if one a little [green] around the gills. 

Look at the color of the cap and the black gills. Never forget, girls: This is the worst of all. The most poisonous.





Bad water. Sturgeon gone. 鱘魚


The ideal viewer, of course, would be Jean-Paul Sartre, the human [flatfish], whose independently [swivelling] eyes allowed him to focus on Simone de Beauvoir, 比目魚


Does it not bother you that everybody in this school think that you're a piranha? 南美產的淡水水虎魚


Well, dude, just remember: if it wasn't for the fearless crew, the minnow will be lost, and you are too. (常用作釣餌的) 鯉科淡水小魚

Hey, Kylie! Huh? Just minnows. Want to try one? Certainly. Thank you.


Is cook doing the mackerel the way Tibby like them? 鯖,青花魚

I had the market send over some salt mackerel for you. I know how you love it for breakfast.


Okay. Even if he found that roach,how could he know where you are? Heat-seeking missiles. Bloodhounds. Foxes. Barracudas. I'm kind of flabbergasted when you say things like that. It's weird. 梭魚

After that we'll do the barracuda. Or will we do that one last?


What did you plump for? Um, the soup and fried sole. 比目魚,鰈魚


You ought to put up a banner, "Frontera, Texas - Gateway to Inexpensive Pussy." That kind of talk doesn't help. I'd rather have that than a 10-foot-high catfish statue. 鯰 (科) 魚


"Chiffonade of line-caught red mullet." This menu keeps getting more pretentious. 鯡魚,鯔魚

Okay. I'll go check the breaker box. Try not to break anything, mullet head.


Informal. a great number or quantity

I'll tell you, Foodland's up to something if you ask me. It's those lobsters, isn't it? Scads of lobsters all in a tank. 竹筴魚


Jon Favreau the doctor and the narwhal voice. 獨角鯨


But you can go to a store, and you might be looking for an angelfish. They might have one angelfish in that whole store. You're married to that angelfish. 扁鮫,神仙魚 (一種觀賞用熱帶魚)


Serious, man, then you come home for some ackee and swordfish. That'd be nice, wouldn't it?


He's a [snarky], shaved-head, bow-tie-wearing [mis]anthrope who would be utterly amazed if he knew how his files got into the hands of two [peons] at a gym.

Naysayers, get ready to roll your eyes and snark "hipster" under your breath repeatedly.



to fish for eels by thrusting a baited hook into their lurking places 

She could have gone in to her mother then and sniggled [close] beside her and begun a resume of the day.


You know you have to put a bobber on that? 釣魚用的浮標


A crayfish, Gerard? 淡水螯蝦


What about these prawns? They look delicious. 對蝦


I said that I preferred my scampi without garlic. 蝦


There's a porpoise close behind me. And he's treading on my tail. 海豚


In the casino they do not give scallop to us. 扇貝


Fish, plankton, sea greens and protein from the sea. Fresh as harvest day. (總稱) 浮游生物


I'll bring you a two-pound box of candy, maybe a bottle of perfume, from the drugstore. How 'bout some colored beads and wampum? 貝殼串【美】【俚】錢


epitome [i-pit-uh-mee]

The epitome of screen cool, policier specialist Jean-Pierre Melville [masterfully] [dissects] the life of a loner hitman after he leaves behind a beautiful witness to a nightclub assassination.

eponymous [uh-pon-uh-muhs]

etymology /ɛtəˈmɒlədʒi/


Putting his [creatures] through their paces with a child's fascination, Chabrol, who has more than once compared himself to an entomologist,


Praying mantis. Elephant. Bloody marvellous. 螳螂

It's a praying mantis. You know how they mate? The male will sneak up on the female and she'll bite off his head and the rest of his body will keep on mating.


I, for some reson, was convinced it was an aardvark. 土豚,非洲食蟻獸

Woo! Well, I'm gonna get off. Past my bedtime and there's a... I've got to tape summat on aardvarks.


I think you might have chiggers. They're too small to see, so it's just from the bites. The bites are really big. 一種沙蚤


The centipedes, Edward. The centipedes are getting downright arrogant. They're starting to attack his children. Take it from me, Bill.



Hear those cicadas? 蟬,知了


You talk about survival. Man, those are some freaky bugs. They spend, uh, they come out of the ground every seven years. They live underground the rest of the time, and the only time they come out of the ground is to crawl out of their skins and grow some ring, grow some wings so they can fuck. And then they die. But before they die, they manage to lay some more eggs so that these bugs... 

We've got a better life, haven't we?


I own a termite company, I used to have a restaurant, but the termite company's reaIIy good, It's the main thing I do. 白蟻


He's had a sandwich. The disgusting fat locust.